Our Fleet Bestravel

A shining fleet

Bestravel fleet is exclusively composed by luxurious, comfortables and qualified Grand Tourer and Grand Luxury vehicles.


Means of transport:


  • Tesla S Model (Ecological car)
  • Fiat Balilla (vintage car)
  • Mercedes Class E250

    Minivans and Buses

  • Minivans Mercedes Viano Lusso 5-7 seats
  • Minivan Ford Custom 8 seats Luxury
  • Minivan Opel 8 seats
  • Minibus Renault Master 13 posti
  • Bus 35 seats
  • Bus 55 seats

    Vehicles for special events

  • Tourist tyred trains Dotto Trains
  • Bus Cabrio Iveco 16 posti


A vintage car that has marked the history of the Italian automobile industry. Perfectly restored, our Fiat Balilla is the ideal car to give a vintage touch to weddings and special events.
Fiat Balilla

Full comfort in our Mercedes sedan car. Thanks to its details and its stylish solution, people often choose it for their exclusive transfers.
Mercedes Classe E250

The top of the minivans world. The luxurious finishes and its charming line make this vehicle the favourite passenger's choice.
Mercedes Viano

8 seats in luxury treatment, a powerful engine and first order finishes. Nothing left to chance in a minivan that reveals all Ford qualities.
Ford Custom

Comfortable and with glamorous finishes. With its 8 seats, this minivan allows you to visit all different locations that our wonderful country can offer.
Opel Minivan

Continues and discover the fleet...


This Bus Grand Tourer is ready to accomodate groups of tourists moving in Sardinia and overseas.
Autobus 55 seats

All Mercedes comfort in a 53-seat bus suitable for medium and long journeys.
Autobus Mercedes 53 seats

Loved for its deftness, it offers all modern conveniences for journeys of average and long distance. On board maximum 35 people.
Autobus 35 seats

13 seats and the pleasure of travel in a vehicle without the autobus's overall dimensions. Fast and deft is useful for transfers of different travelling times.
Renault Master

It's the great innovation of the year that makes exclusive and unforgettable your coast's tour. A cabriolet bus with 16 comfortable seats with nothing that obstructs your view. You'll appreciate the best of our sea and its breath-taking views! It's sure!
Bus Cabrio Iveco